eGift Card Program

Easy to send - awesome to receive

Forget the hassle and insecurity of sending plastic gift cards! We make sending digital rewards easy with our Reward Delivery Platform, digital reward catalog and expert program support. The email voucher program is excellent for campaigns like new customer acquisition, upgrades, conversions, loyalty programs, contests, surveys and more.

Benefits include:

  • ZERO postage, printing or mail for delivery of the gift card. All e-cards are electronically delivered via email.
  • Quicker receipt of participant award.
  • Increased security for delivery of the award (reduced fraud).
  • Compatible with all smartphones (Android & Apple) – can be scanned and utilized at merchants.
  • Denominations: $5.00 - $50.00.
  • All e-vouchers/codes are purchased at face value, with discounts available for ongoing program participation.
  • ZERO cost for fulfillment, ZERO lengthy contracts, ZERO financial commitment – pay as you go!
  • ZERO card fees or replacement card fees.
  • Online Redemption Website: No charge! 

Why eGift Cards?

You Save With Discounted Cards


   You can save money by purchasing eGift Cards at a 5% or greater discount off face value! Retailers and establishments love customers that have gift cards because they know that someone coming in with one is likely to spend more than what’s on there. The idea is to get them in the door.

Easily Stay On Budget


When you give eGift Cards, it’s easier to stay on budget. You don’t have to worry about spending just a little bit more for something that would be “perfect”, but outside your limit. You simply decide on an amount and that’s it. It’s easier to stay within budget since it's like having cash in your hand for a specific store.



eGift Cards are flexible for the recipient, allowing him/her a choice - who doesn’t like the freedom to get what they really want? They also eliminate your anxiety associated with finding just the right gift. They're a perfect way to provide a flexible gift that anyone can enjoy. Best of all, emailing gift cards is more secure than mailing cash!

The Element of Thoughtfulness


Since the recipients will get to choose favorite stores or restaurants, it shows that you’ve put some thought into giving what they as individuals want, not what you think they will all want. eGift Cards are perfect because they combine the flexibility of cash with the personalization of preferred retailers.

Buy Gifts From Home Or Office


You don't even have to leave your home or office to do your gift giving thanks to the convenience of the Madison eGift Card platform. You simply complete the ordering template with the recipients names, e-mail addresses and card values - we do all the rest! Online redemption is a breeze and they are full transferable.

Use Them In Store Or Online


Not everyone has the option to visit a retail location, especially if they don't live near a shopping area. eGift cards allow recipients to spend the money online, and often times there are perks to shopping online, such as free samples. This means the eGift Card ends up giving more.